Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chicken Enchiladas

This is a pretty simple recipe that I don't really measure.  It has changed a little since going off dairy, though.

Diced/shredded cooked chicken
sour cream (Today I actually used some tofutti cream cheese substitute thinned with a little coconut milk yogurt)
grated cheddar (almond)
can diced green chilis
diced green onions (this is the first time I've put green onions in it, it was pretty good!)
enchilada sauce

mix together first 5 ingredients.  Spread a little enchilada sauce on one side of a tortilla.  Put a spoonful or two of filling mixture along one side, and then roll with the enchilada sauce to the inside.  Place in a pan with some sauce spread on the bottom.  Continue until filling is gone or desired number achieved.  Top with more enchilada sauce.  Bake, covered with foil, at 350* for half an hour or so, or until sauce is bubbly.  top with more grated cheese, and return to oven for cheese to melt (5 or so minutes).  Serve with mexican rice, chips & salsa, or other sides of choice.


  1. I can't find that kind of cheese anywhere in Rexburg or IF. Where did you get yours?

    1. Does Broulim's have a section with Vegan items? It wouldn't be with the regular cheeses. I got it at Sprout's, but there isn't one in Idaho at all. If there is a store like Whole Foods (which the closest actual whole foods to you is in SLC) or Vitamin Cottage or something like that, they'd probably have non dairy cheese. Or you can buy it online. (you can buy it off amazon!) you can just search vegan cheese