Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pot roast - in the crock pot

Basically, I started off with this recipe, which claimed to be the BEST pot roast ever  ((it IS pretty good)).

I mixed in the au jus mix instead of just putting it on top, and I used sprite instead of coke or pepsi.  ((from what I understand, the carbonation does something to help make it tender? Don't know if that's actually true.))

I also cooked it with onions, baby carrots, and small yukon gold potatoes.  I served it all up with some rolls with butter & jelly.  Yummy.


  1. I make a french dip sandwich that Steve loves that involves slow cooking a pot roast with root beer. It's sweet and caramelly and Steve loves it. (I'm not a huge fan, but the recipe boasted it was a copycat of Arbys. I don't like Arbys but Steve does.) I like that this doesn't have cream of mushroom soup in it, although there's got to be a way to keep the recipe tasting the same without the sodium of those flavor packets... hmm. Also, I would make a roux and add that to give it a thicker gravy texture.

  2. I've tried the Arby's knockoff one that is going around pinterest. It doesn't taste very much like Arby's to me. As for this recipe, both packets have corn starch in them, so you do get a gravy from it, even adding more water like I do sometimes.